The wedding weekend was busy and full of activity plus there was still dogs and puppies to care for. Of course, they’re getting extra loves with extra people around.

We went out into the woods and picked huckleberries.

The boys are back so there are motorcycles cruising the neighborhood again.

And I find helmets in strange places.

Then there was the wedding and all the busi-ness of the day. My kids and hubby did a ton of work hauling and setting up tables and chairs, helping prepare food and drinks and all the decorating. I was home with puppy duties and getting lunch ready for them when they came home tired, hot and hungry after working all morning in the hot sun.

Then it was time for everyone to clean up and head back to the wedding site for a plethora of photos.

It was a beautiful day and the prettiest place for a wedding.

The beautiful bride and her new hubby.

There was lots of yummy food and cool drinks.

In fact, there was so much food we came home with extra including these dainty, scrumptious cupcakes!

They must have been very tempting because when I went in another room and came back the kids told me that Reba had gotten on the kitchen table and claimed one for herself! (She had never gotten on the table before).

It was a special weekend even with a naughty dog’s mischief 😉


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  1. Laura M. says:

    What beautiful setting for a wedding! ❤️

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