Sippets of a day

I took some pictures one day of some of our adventures and thought I’d share a bit. 🙂 Enjoy!

After breakfast, we had some playtime. First, it was just Lucy’s pups while Oakley, Mercy, and Treasure nursed their babies after breakfast. Then Mercy’s pups joined in the fun while the younger ones rested.

For lunch, Lucy and Mercy’s pups had their meals in a crate. I put Mercy’s two in one, then split Lucy’s into two groups of three. They ate and I set the timer for thirty minutes. This was their second session of a meal in the crate. They didn’t fuss much and when I came back later they were all napping quietly.

I scooped them up and took them outside to the covered area for a potty break and some fresh air.

Then I went back inside and got the little ones and took them out to potty. This was their first day in the big fenced off area under the pine tree. So much room to run they didn’t know what to do!

After they had been out a bit, I hauled them back in to take advantage of the puppy room play area while the older pups were still outdoors for a while.

(With all this running up and down the stairs I should be in better shape!)

And we can’t forget to peek in on the sleeping beauties in the living room. <3


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