No more pine trees

After we set up the big area under the pine tree in the back yard, the puppies went out several times to play there. On Sunday, they were out for quite a while while I cleaned and organized the puppy room.

When I went to bring them in it was obvious that they would need their fourth bath! That’s what happens when you combine a puppy with a base coat of white and the talcum-powder-fine summer dirt! Summer and Jess were in the mix too so they got their first bath.

As I was bathing them it became apparent that dirt was not the only thing they picked up out in the yard. I starting finding little bits of pine pitch on each puppy! Oh, no! It will probably take me all week to get it out of their coats and hair around their pads.

So no more playing under the pine tree!

We will be visiting the clean, covered area outside of play breaks and potty time and spending the other time playing indoors!

All clean!


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2 Responses to No more pine trees

  1. Laura McGinnis says:

    I had tree sap in my hair. I put hand sanitizer on it and it dissolved instantly. Then I washed my hair.

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