Weekend fun

We might take a day off from work on the weekend but we still have fun! The pups were ready to rock and roll when we got home from church. Here are some snapshots from our afternoon activities.

I like to have lots of different toys and things for them to play on and with; things that move, things that make noise and so I pick up and buy anything that looks like it might be good for puppy enrichment. This weekend I introduced them to some wobbly, uneven, moving surfaces. First was our homemade wobble board, aka the garbage can lid, then my son’s skateboard, and lastly the tic-tac-toe game I picked up at the second-hand store. You can see they had no problem (no fear) with any of them!

Later we switched sides and had the Aussaliers and Maisie try out the new toys while Lucy and Mercy’s pups played on the other side.

They played hard and later I found them crashed out all over the room napping!

Can’t forget the “littles”( but wait they’re not little, just younger)šŸ˜‰


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  1. didi dame says:

    I want to come back as one of your pups!

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