So many smiles!

Sunday was our Puppy Delivery day for Lucy’s crew. Five of the six puppies were personally handed to their new person by me! It’s always so fun after months (or years) of emails and phone calls to finally meet everyone in person and put a face to the name! (Our sixth puppy, Johnny will be going home a week later).

We had a nice time going over all the puppy paperwork, answering questions and doing a little grooming demo and of course, taking pictures.

Waylon (now Archer) and his mom. He’s already got a rock in’ Instagram account!

June-bug (new name undecided still) and her family.

Kenny (now Buzz) with his new mom.

Willy (now Ardi which means sheep in Basque) with his mom.

Dolly (now Molly) with part of her new family. And I have to tell you about this shy girl. She is four going on five. (She told me her little sister is “only” three. 😉) She worked and made money herself to help pay for “her” puppy! And she sweetly handed me her little stash of cash (while mom finished the balance with a check). I was impressed! I know she will take good care of Dolly because she worked hard to help bring her precious pup home. She and her younger siblings were so sweet and gentle with our petite princess. ❤️

And our group picture of course!

Then it was out to the truck for a bit more visiting while the puppies had a last potty break before everyone heading home.

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