Another busy weekend

Friday is usually our vet appointment day and for the third Friday in a row, we had a group of puppies in for their health exams. This time it was the Aussaliers.

Those faces!😍

Somebody didn’t want to be left behind. I tried to explain where we were going but she wouldn’t listen. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

First Cinch (Luna) got her check-up.

Then it was Dally’s turn.

And next came Bosal (Echo) who desperately wanted to wash the doctor’s face. πŸ‘…

Then it was time for mama, Oakley to have her physical.

Haha! I love this picture!

Saturday was my day “off” from doggie business. But later that night (our day off is from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) I dove back into finishing puppy packets, bathing puppies and getting ready for our early morning departure.

Sunday we headed to Spokane with two of the girls. (Dally is staying a bit longer)

Potty break time after we arrive.

I forgot the food dish so we’re playing “forage for your food”. (Since they have breakfast early in the morning I like to give them a snack before heading home with their new families.)

And then it was time for our “Puppy Party” and meeting the girls new families!

Luna’s mom was pretty happy to hold her pup.❀️

Echo’s new mom and dad look enamored with their girl. ❀️

Group photo!

Everyone headed for home after that. I’m so blessed to live where I do.


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