I have news!

We’re having aliens!

Actually, that’s what a puppy looks like at about forty-three days gestation. I can’t tell you what color it is or what gender, but I can tell you it is a Cavapoo!

In fact, we did ultrasounds on two girls that were bred and they are both pregnant and due within days of each other!

This picture is from Hazel our parti Poodle who was bred to Dickens. These will be all parti puppies (think “cows”; white body with colorful spots).

The next mom-to-be is brand new in this “job” so we don’t what we’ll get. It is Sky our cream parti Poodle (with blue eyes) and she was bred to our handsome ruby Cavalier, Justice.

These puppies should be arriving in about two to two and a half weeks.

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  1. Laura M. says:

    Squee! One of these might be my pup! So excited.

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