Socialization continues

Since Maisie got some fun in town the other day, I thought it was Dally’s turn. And besides Dally is doing an extra ten days in our Progressive Puppy program!

As you’ve seen we’ve been working on getting her accustomed to being around horses since her new mom has them too.

But we also want to do some other fun activities with her. And since we live so far from town, we have to be deliberate in our plan to expose her to other things that aren’t found around the farm.

First step; get ready and load the truck.


Litter box…………………………check!

Food, water & dishes………check!

Toy, bully stick…………………check!

Collar, leash and cheese….check!

Cute puppy………………………..check!

First stop, visiting our favorite EMT/Firefighter at the station in our little town. Then it was back in the truck and heading the other direction to our “big” town (I say that lightly). We made it! The first thing is to let Dally out in the back of the truck to use the litter box. Good girl! Then we head into my favorite farm supply store.

We barely made it in the front door before we were waylaid by an employee looking for puppy snuggles.

She was happy to see everyone she met and seem very content driving around in her “chariot”. 😉 

We went to the second farm store in town next to pick up horse feed. (The other store doesn’t carry what I use. Plus it just another place to socialize puppies!)Dally checking out the guinea pigs.

ezy watermark_03-09-2019_06-45-53pmBill was very happy to hold Dally while I paid for my purchases.

Then we headed across town (seriously it’s a small town and the other end is maybe ten minutes drive away.) 😉

I took her out of her crate just for a short drive down a backroad so she could experience a drive-thru window. The ladies at this shop are so friendly.

Yummy! Getting a dog treat!

I mentioned how warm it was and the other lady turned and quickly grabbed a tiny cup and filled it with water for Dally. (She did have water in the truck). So sweet!Another good experience for Dally!

After going through the drive-thru I pulled into the parking lot to wait for my friend. On the other side of the shop was another friend and her sweet son heading towards the window to order smoothies..yum!

She quickly rolled down the back window so puppy and boy could have some cuddles while they waited their turn in line.

Kisses, kisses!

This shop sits along the main road (actually a highway) that runs through town so there are all kinds of traffic driving by (logging trucks, cars, ambulances, motorcycles, etc) And they have a nice shaded patio to sit at. So I met my friend there and we sat and visited while Dally “observed”; traffic, cars going through the drive-thru and other people visiting on the patio. (You can go to our YouTube channel to see the videos from our day)

These two dogs in the drive-thru line were very interested in what was in that crate, but I don’t think Dally even noticed them.

She just laid in her crate quietly having a bit of lunch and a drink then settling down with her bully stick.

And then drifting off to dreamland.

What a silly girl!

ezy watermark_03-09-2019_06-48-53pmI had to run into WalMart for a couple things so “Aunt Karen” sat in the air-conditioned truck with Dally for a few minutes.

You did good, Dally!

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  1. Caroline says:

    Oh wow, I just saw this! This is such wonderful experience for her! Thank you for all your hard work!

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