The past few days

Before the rest of Joy’s pups went home this past weekend, I ran into town again with a couple pups, Little John and our new pup, Lyric to do some more socializing. I met my friend Karen and we drove around each holding a puppy as we did some shopping and visiting different locations, ending up at the coffee shop to sit on the patio with the pups. When you live in a small town there are not as many options for socializing, but we sure try!

And then we had families come over the weekend to pick up puppies. How exciting! Usually, the puppies go home on their scheduled delivery day but we had three of our four that had to stay a bit longer.

Sunday morning, the first of three, Allan A’Dayle left with his new mom.

Little John’s mom came that evening to pick him up.

And Monday morning brought Robin Hood’s new family.

It was fun having visitors here to pick up their puppies!

Oh, and two of of our five came home for the weekend.

And then another stopped by after work for a bit. We’ll take the kids whenever they come!😀


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  1. Christina says:

    Lyric is suuuuch a cutie! So pretty!

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