Puppy fun and training

I just wanted to let you all know how Gracie’s pups are doing and what they are up to! They are doing well and keeping me busy!

The other day we did our once a week photo session. This is also when I trim toenails, weigh the pups, and change ribbons as they grow. This week we switched out ribbons for real collars. I didn’t have the same color collars as some of the ribbons so some got changed. Piglet is still pink, Pooh is still red, Eeyore was green, but the closest color I had was teal, Tigger didn’t get a yellow collar because I didn’t have one so her’s is a fancy leopard-print. Rabbit’s color went from a white ribbon to a black collar. Kanga is still purple and Roo is still blue. Although with their coats getting longer it’s almost harder to see collars under the hair then a ribbon hanging out.

“Mom, am I supposed to be on the kitchen counter?”

It’s hard to see but those tiny white tips need to be trimmed off about once a week.

“Am I getting big?”

“Can you do that some more? It feels good.”

Getting ready with the clicker and cheese.

“Yummy, this is good.”

That day we also practiced simple grooming with a slicker brush. We also did a session of “powering up the clicker” which is basically about a minute long where we click-treat, click-treat, click-treat several times. We’ll have a couple sessions of this so puppies will understand that the click sound means something good is coming (cheese, of course!)

Potty break! Good job, puppies. πŸ˜€

We are working on having meals in our crates (as small groups still at this point, but working towards each in his/her own.) And then going outside for potty breaks. They are also using their litter boxes when they are in their playpen or play area. And hubby is faithfully vacuuming the puppy room so they are used to that noisy contraption.

Gracie wants a kiss, Pooh!

Kanga meets Thor-kitty.

“Mom, what is this long-nosed creature?”

Expanded the play area and enjoying some much-needed sunshine!

Kitchen playtime!

Playing in the puppy room!


I woke them up; sleepyheads.

Such cute faces. <3

They’ve played in the outside covered pen, another outside pen in the sun along the fence (so they can meet Cajsa), upstairs in the puppy room and in the kitchen. They’ve explored some other parts of the house and we walked around the perimeter of the whole, big back yard, have conquered the back three steps into the house, and a few have gone all the way up the stairs to the puppy room! And when we had our photoshoot in the barn some of them got to meet the horses and the cat (when he decided to make an appearance).

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  1. Didi Dame says:

    These pups are gorgeous !! What a crew!! Kudos.

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