Little Lyric is just like all the pups her age, in the middle of potty and crate training and getting in as much socialization as I can! I’ve started some clicker training with her too.

It’s a little different starting with a puppy that someone else has had for the first two months of their life. She didn’t know what a litter box was but she’s learning. She’s actually doing pretty good with housebreaking and learning that being in her crate or playpen is okay. (She was a bit noisy at first just like some of your puppies are). 😉

The other day I had an errand to do in town, so I turned it into another socializing session for her.

Driving into town (just kidding!). This was after we got there and were stopped somewhere.

We went by a couple drive-up windows and she got a cookie at this one.

At the feed store.

Potty break time. As you can see she wasn’t very cooperative.

I stopped at another feed store and had to use the restroom. This may be my first ever bathroom selfie. 😜

When you have to use the restroom but don’t want to put your puppy on the floor.

What a good puppy!


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5 Responses to Lyric

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    She is adorable! What a lucky girl to have landed in your domain!


  2. I’ll email you. I’m not sure what you’re referring to “House/barn”?


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