Moved in

Yesterday was the puppies “birth” day photoshoot. Well, Hazel’s is actually each Saturday, but I just make it a big to-do each Sunday for both litters. We take pictures, change ribbons, weigh the pups and trim toenails. And this week they’ll have their first dose of de-wormer.

It was also time to give them more room. So hubby set up the two smaller puppy pens that fit in our living room. I got them set up with big beds, their first litter box (the UGOdog), food, water, and toys.

They’re not sure about all that space at first, but they will settle in quickly and be toddling all over pretty soon. Sky’s babies are even trying out the food a bit so I’m making sure it’s soaked well and nice and soft for them to “gum”.

Moved in!

Mom’s back from her break.

Mickey and Minnie settling into their new home.

Hazel looks happy with the added space.

The pups will stay in these puppy pens in the living room for two to three weeks until they need more room and will transition to the bigger puppy pens upstairs in the puppy room.

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  1. Didi Dame says:

    Lucky little pups !!

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