I need more dog beds in the house.

I usually block off the kitchen and dining area from the living room so the moms with babies don’t feel “threatened” with other dogs wandering in there. Of course, Reba comes and goes because if she’s in the dining area and wants into the kitchen she paws at the gate and opens it, or if I have it tucked behind the couch tightly where she can’t move it, then she hops on the couch, climbs on the piano and hops down into the dining room. I always know when that happens because I hear her hitting the piano keys on her way down! And if she’s in the kitchen and wants in the living room, she just climbs the Iris panel that’s blocking the way.

Anyways, Hope, Cayenne, and Lyric are usually in the kitchen/dining area when I’m working at my computer or in the kitchen.

And there’s one small dog bed in the corner that Hope and Cayenne usually snuggle in together. So I went upstairs where I keep the extra beds searching for another squishy soft one and found Hope’s old “baby” bed from when she was very little and gave it to Lyric.

I think she likes it.

Silly girl!

Later it was smashed and became a “different” bed.

Well, she looks comfy but by the length of those legs, I think she’ll outgrow it fairly quickly.

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  1. T R says:

    That little poodle puppy is adorable.

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