Amber is getting quite round in the tummy area although she is not huge. And since this is her first litter I have no past litter experience to compare too. I just hope she’s as good of a mom as her mom, Allie was.

I’m excited to see what these babies will be since it’s my only Allie daughter and Justice’s last litter. We know for sure that they will be in the cream, apricot, or possibly red colors.

She is on day 58 from the first breeding. Sixty-three days is average but since we don’t know when she actually ovulated (we don’t usually do progesterone testing which pinpoints that) we can’t know exactly when she conceived and she was breed more than one time. So basically she could whelp anytime between tomorrow until around the 28th. Although I don’t think she’ll go that long!

She’s very relaxed laying here next to me and I’m hoping later today to give her her pre-whelping “spa” treatment. I asked hubby to bring the big whelping crate inside for me too so I can get that ready and let her start sleeping in it at night.

We’ll see how the next few days go! 😀

(Pictured with sister Autumn)

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