Fall in the garden

Honestly, we didn’t have much of a garden this year. I just don’t have time because the puppies keep me so busy!

But I’m determined to make more of a go of it next year! I love having my own homegrown food to eat!

So that starts this fall with planting some garlic.

She’s “helping” dig a trench.

“Did I do good, mom?”

Garlic is in! (Now to cover it up.)

She’s weeding. (Dragging a clump of Bermuda grass away).

What you can’t see is something in her mouth that she’s chewing on; probably a stick.

“Help, mom! I’m in jail.” (She inside the tomato cage and then tried to go through the side. She finally figured she could run out the end.)

Going through the pile “we” pulled up and checking if there are any good tomatoes. She’s such a good “helper”.

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2 Responses to Fall in the garden

  1. Christina says:

    Lyric is my new favorite puppy!


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