Amber and family

Little Amber delivered her first litter quietly and with confidence (just like her mom, Allie!) on the night of Wednesday, October 23rd. The daddy of this litter was our sweet, ruby Cavalier Justice who we tragically lost in late August. This is his final litter.

As suspected, all three puppies are a beautiful apricot color. All arrived at good weights and similar sizes. We have two boys and one girl. In light of Justice’s passing and this being his last litter the girl will most likely be staying here. We’ll do some genetic testing first to see if she’s good “Cavapoo mom” candidate for the future.

Amber is so much like her mom from the quiet, strong delivery process to the instinctual mothering task. She and the babies are doing awesome!


Here they are!

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  1. Mary Phillips says:

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait to move up on the list! Are these 3 cavalier or cavapoo I have decided to take a boy or a girl.

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