Training in progress, please stay tuned

Remember your puppy is a baby and training takes time. But we’re trying to get them started for you!

Practicing having meals in their crates.

Mr. NoName (Cavalier)







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6 Responses to Training in progress, please stay tuned

  1. furbabyneeded says:

    Love this tips. You make it so easy when you give me a little info at a time perfect help

  2. Kari Pope says:

    Hi, did Fred get adopted? I’m assuming he did, but just can’t help but ask.



  3. Miriam says:

    Love all your knowledge!
    Question but you probably have this on your site…What is litter box training?

    • Hi Miriam, yes we introduce the pups to a litter box system when they are about 3 weeks old. Instead of using potty pads, they learn to use a litter box when they are young. If you type in litter box training in the search bar you should find several blog posts talking more about it 🙂

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