We had fun

Despite the chaos and frustration of trying to keep six wiggly puppies in a box (one at a time of course) for puppy pictures, we had fun in the barn and then we loaded up and headed to the garden for some play and exploration.

First, I carried all six in a small crate to the barn for pictures. My plan was to take one out, do the pictures, put it back in the crate, and get the next one until I had gotten all the pictures done.

But then I had a “light bulb” moment! I’ll make a puppy “corral” out of hay bales for them to hang out in while I do pictures.

So that’s what I did!

Getting set up for pictures. (we use real hay in our pictures) 😉

Hi, Gracie! (yes, we have a horse named Gracie and a dog named Gracie. Don’t ask how that happened). 😉 And that’s why I had to corral the puppies and not let them just run around. The last thing I need was a puppy getting stepped on by the horse! :O

A crate full of energy!


I’ve got the doggies in their corral. Cajsa is wondering what has invaded the barn!


My brain finally kicked in! Why not use the wheelbarrow to transport this heavy bundle instead of carrying it! Off to the garden we go for some fun and exploring.






They sure had fun!

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