Fred needs a home today!

Well, we’re running out of time! The puppies are due to go home on Sunday and I have yet to match Fred. I will be taking a short break to visit family after this so I can’t have any staying after delivery day. (Well, Lucy is staying a couple more days, but that was pre-arranged). I have calls out to several people but haven’t heard back from any of them. So this is what we’re going to do……

If you are on my waiting list already, would like to add Fred to your family and can meet me in Spokane this Sunday morning please contact me asap! 

He is a super sweet, more on the mellow side, happy and playful. He has darker orange/chestnut spots, big floppy ears and that one left eye is almost completely blue. He’s a handsome guy <3

If I get several people contact me, I will go with whoever is highest on the waiting list. So talk to your significant other and if you can make it work contact me. I want to this guy to have his own family by the end of today! (Please don’t contact me if you are not on the list yet) 🙂

Email is or phone me @ 509-722-6008

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14 Responses to Fred needs a home today!

  1. hdblackwell says:

    Talking to my husband and I know we said that we wanted a girl but it doesn’t matter that much. Did you have someone claim him already?

  2. James Smith says:

    Is Fred still available??

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  3. Valeria Perez Malvido says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    We spoke on the phone earlier and I expressed an interest in Fred. After speaking with you however, one of our family members had a change of heart and still wants the red coloured cavapoo. While I was very excited at the possibility of welcoming Fred into our home, we cannot make this decision without everyone being fully on board. I hope you understand. I am sure you are getting a flood of emails and calls right now and I certainly did not mean to add any confusion or headache to your day with this indecision. If you could kindly take my name off of the list of candidates for Fred, we will be pleased to maintain our spot on the waitlist for a future puppy.

    Thank you and I hope you have a great rest of your day.



  4. Christine Fortin says:

    We decided we would love to take Fred into our home. Sent you and email. ❤️

  5. Jennifer Brazil says:

    Oh my gosh, he is adorable! I would take him in a second. My daughter Harper does not know we are getting her a puppy. She saw Fred”s picture and is begging me for him.

    Let me know.

    Thanks Jennifer!

    Jen Brazil 206-291-4498

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  6. JOAN SPEAR says:

    HI Jennifer-

    Is Fred still looking for a home? We are sitting with our doctor who LOVES Yoshi and was speaking about getting on your list!

    Best, Joan Spear


  7. Brea says:

    He has the prettiest blue eye color

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