Lucy stayed a bit longer with us which worked into my schedule. It gave our new Cavalier boy someone to play with for a few more days. Lucy’s mom flew into Spokane Thursday night. I was staying in Spokane Thursday night and flying out early Friday morning so I was able to meet her at the hotel that night. We had a nice visit and Lucy settled into her room with no problem. It didn’t take her long to feel right at home there. She had a long journey home to the east coast the next day. Farewell, Lucy.

Lucy with her new mom❤️

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  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    What a lovely post!!! And I love the picture of you and Lucy. (I am liking the name Marigold so I think it will stick). She has been so wonderful. I am so thankful to you for letting me take her. Have been taking lots of photos. Will send.

    Diana Vigneau, DVM 234 Barbourtown Rd Canton, CT 06019 860-539-0174

    4 Creek Lane Nantucket, MA 02554 508-228-1781


  2. Lynn Shea says:

    She’s so precious! I love all of your posts, I especially love how you love and take care of all your puppies! You create a lot of fun for them❤️🐶. They are all so beautiful. One of these days, I will get another puppy, my cavapoo is 18 months now and I’m thinking she is almost ready. Will look for a small , ( hopefully under 12 lbs grown) , female. Just don’t want Ella to be jealous:/, just always want her to be happy 😊

  3. Didi Dame says:

    Adorable little Lucy !! Godspeed!

  4. Laura M says:


  5. tricia Bourdeau says:

    Lucy is SO ADORABLE (and so are the other fur babies)!

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