Four weeks

The babies turned four weeks the day after I got home from my trip. Hubby had taken care of them while I was away and thankfully they were at the stage he didn’t have to do a lot of extras with them besides the usual; clean the litter box, feed and water mom, let mom in and out, change the bed and love on the puppies.

Right around four weeks is when I switch out the commercial UGOdog litter box system to the pellets and plastic box instead. So the day after I returned it was time to switch out the litter boxes, add some new toys and start doing more fun things with them.

I like to set them in the box first thing so they get a feel for their new bathroom area.

Finding their way out the “door”.

Hubby started soaking the food while I was away because the puppies were starting to take interest in mom’s food.

I also set up a play spot in the living room so they could see, smell and feel some new things. This is the age when they start to get more active and go exploring. Although they’re usually a little tentative the first time.

We also did our weekly weigh-in, dewormer (with cheese treat), portraits and toenail trims.

It’s a busy time for these little ones!

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4 Responses to Four weeks

  1. Didi Dame says:

    Beautiful little faces on those pups!

  2. Olga Standidge says:

    Always beautiful. Wish I could have more than one 🐶😂🐾❤️

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