Mr NoName

I’m embarrassed to admit that my new Cavalier boy still does not have a name…….

Usually, I find one that I like and seems to fit the puppy much sooner than this. It didn’t help that I was busy trying to get ready to leave and then was gone for almost a week. I had my list narrowed down to a couple of names and was really hoping my husband would help by using one while I was gone. No such luck.

I asked him if he’d starting call the puppy something while I was away and he said that he called him, “Squirmy”. Okay, that’s not real helpful….. (He seems to have weird names for all of them, especially when he can’t remember their real name! Lyric is Lyrnatic, Gracie is Winky, Cajsa is Caustic (lol, her personality is a bit pungent at times)

All of my purebred dogs have fancy names starting with our kennel name “Pinewood” and then a call name (their everyday name). (For instance, Pinewoods Great Expectations is Dickens, Shammy Ice Cream Parti is Sundae. Hope’s registered name is Pinewoods Against All Odds. You get the picture.) I think long and hard about the special name they will get.

I have a whole list of ideas for this guy and I’ve tried calling him several different ones but nothing has clicked yet.

Hopefully, something will soon. For now, we know he is adorable, sweet and loyal. <3

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10 Responses to Mr NoName

  1. tricia Bourdeau says:

    He’s so sweet and adorable. A little “Buddy.” or love bug.

  2. ahuva hammer says:

    So funny be careful as there is an amazing dog trainer Stonnie from Kentucky on Youtube his georgous black lab was Mr NO Name and guess what it stuck. I would call this lovely fellow with a namesake after Justice since he kinda replaced him and call the puppy Judge, To establish Law and order and to serve proper justice, that the job of a Judge or at least hopefully, Pinewood Law and Order, aka Judge. Love your puppies my next cavapoo will be a Pinewood, I learn so much from you all

    • Haha, poor dog! I love that suggestion. I was trying to think of something along that line. Justice’s registered name was Pinewoods Law And Order <3 I actually came up with a name today, finally! I'll be sharing it soon 😀 Thanks for the awesome suggestion!

  3. Diana Vigneau says:

    He is so adorable

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  4. Bill Sanders says:

    How about Clint Eastwoods. I believe he was the man with no name in the movies

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  5. Eliana says:

    How about fern? I think it’s a cute name.

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