More Exploring

The puppies are day-by-day starting to explore and play more. It’s so fun to watch as they grow, develop and branch out!

Aren’t they adorable? 

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6 Responses to More Exploring

  1. Mary EDWARDS says:

    Hey Jennifer, I have an idea that you might or might not like. Maybe you could put your best photos on your website as a separate link. I love your photos, and there are a few particularly adorable ones in each batch. Just a thought. Love, Mary Edwards (photo of our 2.5 year old Cavapoo Dosey attached) ________________________________

  2. Didi Dame says:

    The faces on these 3 are so perfect !!

  3. Susan Redmond says:

    Jennifer, I have a friend who recently lost her husband and had to rehome her dog. She rehomed her dog as it tried to bite her grandchildren. One of your wonderful puppies instantly leapt to mind, but she is looking for a running partner. Are Cavapoos good running partners?

    • Susan, sorry I’m just getting back to you! Yes, to your question, they can be especially if they have the bigger Poodle build. But no puppy/dog should be out running for miles until it’s joints are mature (probably closer to 1 1/2-2 years along age

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