As you can imagine grooming is an ongoing chore around here with several Poodles, Cavaliers and now the Cavapoos that I kept. I am by no means a groomer so the dogs that need haircuts usually get clipped pretty short when I groom them. And by the next time it gets done they are looking like shaggy, farm dogs!


Reba, I rest my case! haha

I actually think the shaggy look is sort of cute, but it’s not real pretty or practical living in the country.

Raising dogs makes for a very busy life as you can imagine. Hubby helps where he can, but are some things that I have to do. Grooming in one of them. But in trying to lighten my workload a bit, I’m starting to delegate some tasks to him and using outside.

I found a new groomer in the small town about 30 minutes from us. She’s new to the area but has 20+ years experience. I’m a little excited about handing off the grooming responsibilities of my groomed dogs (Poodles and Cavapoos) to a professional! I know it will cost me to pay someone to take over this job, but it will sure make my life easier and lower my stress level and workload. And (I’m hoping) have my dogs looking much more like they should haircut-wise. 😉

So next week Reba, Lyric and Rumor are going in for a trail run to see how she does and how the experience goes. I’ll report back later!

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5 Responses to Grooming

  1. Olga standidge says:

    Smart move. So happy your lightening your load❤️

  2. Diana Vigneau says:

    Great idea. You’ll say I should have done this years ago.

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