Transition time

I’m always torn when it’s time to move the puppies upstairs. I love having them in the thick of things in the living room, but there comes a time when it’s just necessary.

As they get bigger they need more space. They’re using their litter box really well which means every time they poop you smell it right away (not a nice fragrance for the main living area). And I also want to introduce them to the crate which I really can’t do downstairs as the puppy pen is too small.

So we made the transition and moved them upstairs. Now home base (the puppy pen) is bigger. It has a nice-sized crate for them to sleep in. And I’ve also started feeding them in it also. The crate effortlessly becomes a “happy place”.

So now they will have play times upstairs in the puppy room and I’ll haul them downstairs to hang out and play there too.

Getting settle in.

Yum! Eating in their crate.

And now for some playtime!


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