A Guardian Home

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is an adoptive home where a breeder might place a puppy (usually for free) that they are hoping to someday add to their breeding program. The guardian home must be within a certain distance of the breeder and work closely with the breeder. This will be the pups’ forever home and lives with its family throughout its life, just visiting the breeder for a “date” with the potential stud muffin and whelping of the litter. Once the female (male dogs may be placed in guardian homes also) is finished with motherhood she is spayed and retired with her family. It’s actually a great partnership if you find the right family.

We have always had all of our dogs here with us, because frankly I love having my dogs with me. But having some in guardian homes would be nice since they would be placed in their forever homes from weaning on.

But since we live in the boondocks it’s almost impossible to put any of our dogs in guardian homes because the closest potential families are at least two hours away.

Until now.

I’ve been taunting my sister-in-law (our nearest neighbor) with the idea of a puppy for a year or so. They had a fun little PomChi for about ten years but unfortunately lost him a couple years ago.

Well, she finally decided that it was time for a new puppy.

So our sweet Mango will be going home with her soon. And hopefully when she grows up she’ll have some gorgeous red and apricot F1b Cavapoos for us.

She’s been a more frequent visitor to our house lately for some strange reason. 😉

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  1. Lois says:

    Lucky little Mango! My favorite.

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