A Christmas gift for Fido

I think most of us have at one time or another (or every year) bought our sweet pet a Christmas gift. I’d like to suggest a healthier alternative this year. What’s better than giving our dog a better, healthier life!


We use NuVet supplements at our house. In fact, I buy it by the case!

NuVet comes in a chewable tablet or powder that can be sprinkled on the food. It’s a supplement that includes vitamins, minerals, and immune system booster all made from human-grade ingredients. Use it daily as a treat!

If you are getting a puppy from us, please know that your puppy has benefited from this supplement before it was even born! Your puppy’s mom was getting it before she became pregnant and throughout her pregnancy. Your puppy was started on the powder with its puppy food and will go with a small packet of tablets to hold him over until you get your’s ordered.

But even if you don’t have one of our puppies, your dog can still benefit from it. There’s also a joint formula available for those dogs that might be prone to joint issues or for an older dog that’s already having some trouble. (Our Ben is starting on it soon!)

Check out our page on the website for more information. https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/health/nuvet/

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