Getting crazy

With Christmas coming up and our girls getting closer to their due dates I’m starting to feel the pressure. And things will just get crazier as we get closer to the holidays.

Besides the last minute items still needed for Christmas, there are packages that need mailing, a vet appointment for the puppies, puppy packets to finish, puppies going home this weekend, and my son is graduating from Fire Academy this week too! (Proud mama moment <3)

So if I’m a bit frazzled, you don’t hear from me much or it takes me a while to respond to emails or questions you know why.

And that’s all before the girls actually deliver! After that, anything can happen! LOL

And since the living room will soon be filled with puppies, I don’t actually have room to put up my Christmas tree. But I couldn’t disappoint the kids (I know, they’re all grown, but still….)

So this was my solution.

This is the only place that our Christmas tree fits in our home since the other two spots are next to the wood stove which is a definite “no, no”. And I had to fit one crate in this area in order to get all the whelping crates in the living room.

So we set up the crate as the base and put a smaller tree on top.

Reba approves. 😉

But she didn’t approve of this! bhhahahaha (she reminds me of the little dog on the original Grinch cartoon/movie!)


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4 Responses to Getting crazy

  1. Darla Finney says:

    I guess she will let you deck out her house but Reba/Max does not approve of ornaments on her. She’s so cute! I got a fake tree for the first time this year. Fantastic! There’s no water for the dog to drink and me to forget to fill. It’s smaller than we used to have but still 9 ft so it fits all my favorite ornaments. It’s so fun to read of the antics at your house. Yay for Christmas!!

  2. Laura M says:

    Yes, she does! Ha ha ha. 🙂

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