I love updates

I get updates on our puppies from their families on occasion and absolutely love to hear how the pups are growing and learning and fitting into their new homes!

I would love to get more! I’m hoping to share some with you all over the holidays.

So if you sent me an update on your Pinewood pup and I didn’t share it please send me an email reminder. (I try to highlight these in my email so I can share them, but sometimes I forget and then the emails pile up and the update gets lost :/ )

Or if you haven’t given us an update and would like to share, please email me. We would love to hear how things are going. A couple of good pictures with a short note on your pup would be super. I’ll share these on our blog and also add them to our “Testimonials” page on the website for future potential adopters to read.

Thank you!

Some of our cuties from the past <3


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4 Responses to I love updates

  1. Sally Peters says:

    So here comes an update: We were lucky enough to get Townsend, born 1/9/19. I wanted a Blenheim. Not in this litter. Well, Jennifer called to say that this sweetie was available. It has been unbelievable how she has filled our home with love. We attended training. She got it!! And now she is an adolescent!!! Blank brain & ornery!!! But guess what………….she is perfect and we couldn’t love her more. Her temperament, personality and sweetness would not be a better match. Lap dog+++ She is a smuggler!! When walking with her, we have had cars literally pull over to ask what kind of a pup she is and where she came from. Only positive comments about Pinewood. Thanks Jennifer you & she are the best. Sally Peters

  2. Amy Gelineau says:

    We love Poppy! We’ve always had a dog but, she has a vet special spot in our heart! She’s going to be trained as a Therapy dog soon. Thank you so much for our little gem! Sent from my iPhone


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