More pretties

I almost forgot my appointment!

Last year as you remember, I found a local groomer and started taking the pack in to be professionally groomed. I had a few done and then her next available appointments weren’t until after the new year.

Yesterday I was outside with the dogs in the morning and glanced over at one of the fluffier ones and thought, ‘you need a haircut’! And then it dawned on me! When were those appointments? I glanced at my watch, then hustled into the house to check my planner. When I scheduled the appointments I didn’t have my new planner yet to write the appointments in so I had penciled them in at the end of last year’s planner, which is why I didn’t see the reminder.

And there is was “Jan 7th @ 10:00am.” Thankfully, I still had time to load up the dogs and get there. I returned home afterwards and ended up sending hubby in later to pick them up since he had to go to town anyway.

And look what he came back with!

Cute little Cayenne! (She is looking for a forever home with a nice lap to park in).

My ice cream “Sundae” standing in what’s left of the “vanilla” ice cream/snow.

And this dapper dude is Finn; son of Reba and Clancy.


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