Seven to eleven days

Since my brain is not functioning properly because of my sleep schedule, I got up on Wednesday thinking the first three litters were a week old and it was time to take new pictures! Then I looked at my schedule and realized #4 litter was a week old that day. The first three were born on Sunday and I was late with their one-week-old pictures! *sigh

So the youngest litter turned one week old today and I did everybody’s pictures!

Plus I did short introductory videos so everyone can see the pups up close and personally, individually. (Check out our YouTube channel for those, “Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos”). It was also time to give some of them new ribbons and do the first (of many toenail trims). Do you know that I trimmed 438 teeny tiny toenails today? 😮

Mercy and Sundae Cavapoos at eleven days

Treasure and Clancy Cavapoos at eleven days

Lucy and Rumor purebred miniature Poodles (which are available; although we’re just making a list of people interested at this age) at eleven days.

Oakley and Dickens Aussalier puppies at eight days of age.

Sage and Sundae’s F1b Cavapoos at seven days of age.


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13 Responses to Seven to eleven days

  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    OMG. You must be so crazy busy I can’t even imagine.

    Diana Vigneau, DVM 234 Barbourtown Rd Canton, CT 06019 860-539-0174

    4 Creek Lane Nantucket, MA 02554 508-228-1781


  2. Katharine Harding says:

    Thank you for the videos. Philia was so curious hearing the puppies’ squeaks! She watches too! I tell her that maybe one will be her new brother!

  3. Didi Dame says:

    Once again – all I can say is WOW!

  4. Cathy Budman says:

    Hi Jennifer:

    Happy New Year! I can see you’ve been very busy.

    Just wanted to confirm that you received my check for your waiting list and inquire what the anticipated wait time would be for an apricot, apricot and white, red, or red and white male puppy would be?


    Cathy Budman from Long Island, NY


  5. Look at all these beautiful Pinewood pups! Jennifer, as you know we are traveling in Peru right now. We follow your news whenever we have a WiFi connection. We are so excited that one of these pups might come home to us!! Sending good vibes for energy and sleep as you love up and care for these little wonders.

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