All done

The final two dogs went to the groomer on Wednesday. Although there are still a couple Poodles that I have either done or will be doing since I don’t want to take them in if they are in heat,  pregnant, or nursing pups. Amber for instance had our last three pups that went home in December and she was pregnant so I groomed her at home.

Now I just have to brush out and bathe the Cavaliers! Alhough that’s not quite the same as grooming a Poodle. 😉

Our last two were Clancy-Pants and Aurora.

Aurora is a small standard Poodle. She is a sable parti and you can see after grooming how light some of the sables end up looking because the darker top hairs get shaved off.

Mr Chill ready to go home.

Just for fun! My backseat driver looks a little different before and after her grooming. 😉

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6 Responses to All done

  1. Susan Redmond says:

    Are you thinking of breeding Aurora for slightly larger Cavapoos?

  2. Susan Redmond says:

    Now that will be fun to watch!

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