New Puppy Matching Procedure/Policy

I emailed everyone on our Cavapoo waiting list with this information, but in case someone did not see it we have changed the way we will be matching puppies. We want our puppy families more involved! 🙂 And please realize even if you just got on the list, you can still “throw your hat in the ring” for a puppy! Of course, those that have been on the list will have a better chance of being matched because they are further up the list, but stranger things have happened!

“Hi Everyone!

This email is going out to everyone currently on our waiting list!

As most of you know (if you’re following the blog/website) we made an announcement back in November about changing our puppy matching process. Please make sure and read this whole email or you may miss out on getting a puppy!

First of all, thank you for choosing to get on our waiting list! We appreciate each and every one of you! If you no longer wish to be on our waiting list or have already found a puppy elsewhere, please email and let us know and we’ll remove you from the list.

Our new puppy matching process will get you, the adoptive family more involved in the process, hopefully get those that are ready matched with a puppy sooner, and lighten my load a bit, all positive things in my book!

First off, we will no longer be contacting you about available puppies. (Our old process had me starting at the top of our list emailing, then calling if I didn’t get a response and waiting to hear back from a person. If there were no response, I would move on. Sometimes people would respond and then need to talk about it which would add on more time before I could move on to the next family. And sometimes after putting in a couple days or more on one family, they would decide to pass. As you can imagine this is very time-consuming and ended up leaving the last few puppies’ families not much time to prepare for their arrival.)

The new plan we have implemented is to make an announcement (on our website/blog) each time a mom is confirmed pregnant. We will give information on the mom and dad, expected colors, approximate due date and approximate time that the puppies will go to new homes. At that time you can check your calendar and start thinking about if that timing works for your family and the possible colors might be something you are interested in.

Once the litter has arrived and we know what we have colors/genders, you may reach out to me via email. Please use the original email thread that I started when I responded to your application. It makes it so much easier for me if all of our conversations are in one place.

I will keep a list of everyone that has reached out to me and is interested in the litter.

We will then have a Puppy Matching Day (on a Sunday) when the pups are approximately five to six weeks old. I will make that day known on a blog post regarding the litter so you know when to be available by phone. On Puppy Matching Day, I will start calling everyone that has reached out to me regarding that particular litter in order that you are on the waiting list. You will need to be available that day for a phone call if you want to be matched with a puppy. I will accept emails from those interested in a particular litter up until 8pm (Pacific Time) on the Saturday prior to Sunday’s Puppy Matching Day.

Obviously, we may get more people interested then the amount of puppies available, but please reach out if you’re interested, even if you just got on the waiting list. You never know what can happen!

Also, if we have more than one litter around the same age, we will match both/all on the same Puppy Matching day. So if you are interested in one or more litters, you may put your name down as interested in more than one litter. (For instance, we currently have to litters of F1 Cavapoos ; Treasure’s and Mercy’s, and one litter of F1b Cavapoos; Sage’s. You may put your name down as interested in all three litters to increase your chances of getting a puppy. (No, you can’t have one of each! Haha) Being open to color and gender is super helpful and will likely get you matched with a puppy sooner rather than later.

But if you have your heart set on a certain color/gender, that’s fine too. Just pick the litters that have the colors/genders you are interested in.

So this is why it is imperative that you are signed up for email notifications from our blog/website. If you aren’t, you’ll miss out on news, announcements and puppy matching details.

I am still in the process of updating the website, so if you read something there that doesn’t match up with this current information, please reach out to me for clarification. It might just be a page that hasn’t been updated.

This is a new process and I’m sure there will be some kinks to work out, so be patient with me!

Also, if you chose to wait on the list beyond a year and don’t reach out regarding a puppy, if any pricing adjustments occurred they will apply on. Obviously, if we don’t have the color/gender for you in that timeframe, it’s a different story. Please just make sure you are actively trying to be matched with a puppy. If something in your life changes and it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to get a puppy within that year, it might be better to tell me to remove your name from the list and reapply when you’re ready. (If you remove yourself from the list and reapply, you do not need to pay the application fee again.)

Leading up to Puppy Matching Day, I will post new pictures in the puppy album/s weekly (usually on the day the litter is born).Please familiarize yourself with the website and where the albums are (under the “Cavapoos” heading).  As soon as the pups are up and moving, I will post videos on our YouTube channel “Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos” so you can follow along as they grow, play, interact and learn. (If you haven’t “liked” and subscribed” I encourage you to do this also so you have lots of opportunities to watch the babies. )This way everyone can get an idea which puppy/puppies are their favorites. (It’s best to have several you like in case someone ahead of you picks your “only” favorite puppy.)

I know a lot of people have their heart set on a certain color or special markings on a particular puppy, but whenever you get any puppy home you will fall in love with it no matter the color, special markings or not!

I will also be available to chat with you by phone or email should you have questions about a certain puppy or two before puppy matching day. Please reach out to me before the actually Puppy Matching Day with your questions. This will help make the Puppy Matching Day run more smoothly as I will have a lot of people to talk with that day.

If you are interested in one of our current Cavapoo litters (Treasure, Mercy or Sage) we will have Puppy Matching Day for all three litters on Sunday, February 9th. Please email me on our private email thread to let me know which litter or litters you are interested in. Or please reach out if you have questions.”


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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    There’s a big star on our calendar for Feb. 9th! Thank you for the clear explanation.

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