So we switched litter box set-ups in the puppy pens upstairs to work better for each litter.

In Mercy’s crew we took out the flat tray and went with one litter box with pellets with the side cut down. We set that up right in front of the door. The idea is for the pups to wake up and head out of the bed to the “bathroom”.

Treasure had two flat trays, but when she’d step on them they would slide around. So we removed those also and gave them the same set-up as the Mercy pups.

Sage’s pup are starting to toddle around more so it was time to take the potty pads out and introduce them to the real litter box. But since they are still young, hubby took a couple of the boxes and cut them down all the way around so they are easy for the pups to walk into and out of.

And they got a crate to start sleeping in. Some of the wire crates have only one door in the front, but this one has the side door also which is handy with a bigger (and younger litter) that’s still figuring out how to get in and out of there.

Downstairs, Oakley and Lucy’s litters are still using the UGOdog since it’s still working for them. Once they start making more of a mess we will switch them over to the pellets also.


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