Aussalier people

An email was sent out last night to everyone that I had on my Aussalier waiting list. If you did not receive it (check your spam folder), I’m posting the same information below so you don’t miss it! 🙂

“You are receiving this email from Pinewood Aussaliers because you filled out our Puppy Application forms sometime in the past year in the hopes of getting an Aussalier puppy from us.
We currently have a litter of three pups (one blue male, one blue female and one tricolor male.) If you haven’t been keeping up on this current litter here is a link to their photo album on our website.
There are also blog posts about them on the blog is you type in “Aussalier” in the search bar it should bring the posts up. We also have videos on our YouTube Channel (Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos).
These puppies are scheduled to go home on Sunday, March 1st.
I will be matching them soon!
Our list is getting a bit long and I had no response from some people that last time I matched a litter. So if you want to remain on our list, please respond to this email. If I don’t hear back from you within the next few days I will remove your name from the list. Or if you’d like to be removed from the list please let us know.
And if you are interested in being considered for one of our current puppies please let me know asap. Obviously, we have more people on the list than we have puppies, but if many people don’t respond, ask to be removed or found a puppy elsewhere there are more chances for those who are ready. So even if you are far down the list, please let me know you are interested.”


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8 Responses to Aussalier people

  1. Me says:

    I do not want an Aussilier puppy. Sorry. I only want a Cavapoo. Thank you Amina

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  2. Connie Gradoville says:

    Hi Jennifer, I think maybe you clicked on my email by mistake. I am Connie Gradoville who got the most wonderful dog in the world, pansy, now Molly, from Flower and Noah litter two years ago. I have been meaning to send a pupdate, and will soon, but I am not on the list for an Aussilier. I love following all the happenings, and all the litters. Thanks, Connie

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  3. Rhonda Stiffarm says:

    I’m sorry for not responding quicker… I didn’t realize that it would be that quick however I do like the new system. We will wait for the next liter. We love the colors they are adorable we’re excited to see the next liter with our puppy 💕

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