A day to remember

Yesterday was a busy, crazy, wonderful day! Eleven puppies went home with their excited forever families!

What a great group they were. The last two weeks we’ve had to add extra chairs to our meeting room to try to accommodate the number of family members that came along.

*Along that line, I have to give a “shout out” to the wonderful staff at the Wingate Hotel at the Spokane airport #wyndhamhotels They are always friendly, helpful and accommodating whether it’s the sales manager Katelin facilitating room discounts to our families, to the Sunday morning staff when we show up with a truckload of puppies setting up the room, making coffee, bringing in more chairs and helping to love on puppies. Thanks, everyone!*

It was a beautiful morning to start with!

About two and a half hours later, we arrived and it was time to give the pups a potty break, a drink and a snack (one crate at time).

And then it was time to check-in and get the room ready for our families.

A bag for each puppy.

Three crates full of puppies stacked up and covered to (hopefully) keep them quiet.

Extra chairs at the table and along the wall.

Families started filing in around 10:30 and finding their puppy’s bag at the table. Once everyone had arrived we started the process. I like to explain everything in their puppy bag and walk them through the paperwork in their folder. I also include a puppy packet of information (everything I can think of that’s important or that they might have questions about) and go over the the main points in the handout with them.

Then the fun part came, passing out the puppies and taking family photos! <3


Blue now Toby


Saturn now Nami (Japanese for “wave”)

Venus now Poppy

Uranus now Maisey

Jupiter now Katsu

Neptune now Scout

Cheyenne now Lola

Cody now Odin

Jackson now Loki

We had to go to the lobby for the massive group picture! How cool is that?! <3

Then we headed out to let the puppies potty, stretch their legs and eat and drink before they all headed to their respective homes. My truck bed makes a great play area.

Happy life puppies! <3


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2 Responses to A day to remember

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    What a day of happy emotion! We trust everyone else got home safely & that puppies & families are settling in. Huge thanks to Jennifer for the great start she gave our little ones! Thanks also to the efficient and friendly staff at the Wyngate Hotel.
    We were so happy to see all the children getting puppies for the first
    time. You are all in for a big treat having new best friends!

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