Almost time

The Joy babies went in for their check-ups yesterday. It was a little strange sending instructions and paperwork with them as they went inside without me. It wasn’t my favorite visit.  :/ (You know we moms don’t like to do things without our “kids”). But they survived without me and did great!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the normal fun, exam pictures since I was sequestered in my truck in the parking lot.

(Clock-wise from top left; Gala, MacIntosh, Cameo, Fuji)

So here are the pups today at eight weeks of age. (You can see they’re not really thrilled with having “selfies” taken). They will be going home Sunday with their new families.

Our delivery day will be much different then the usual fun, casual, get-together. We will be meeting outside at proper distancing and keep the meeting shorter than usual. I suppose the up-coming meetings in May will be the same way. I’m also asking those matched with future puppies to pay their balance in full before the puppy delivery day so there are less interactions between people.

Stay well everyone!

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4 Responses to Almost time

  1. tricia Bourdeau says:

    So adorable! <3

  2. Kathlyni says:

    Lol! They don’t looked thrilled; you’re right! Is Gala Apricot?

    Take care, Kathy

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