Normally I would move a mom and her puppies from the large whelping crate into the small puppy pen and introduce them to the UGOdog litter box at about three weeks of age. Depending on how big the litter is, they then move to a large puppy pen when they are about five weeks of age. Only the small puppy pens fit downstairs in our house. So once they graduate to the larger size they move to the puppy room where we have much more open space.

The thing is, I only have two small puppy pens; one for Hazel and one for Gracie. Neither one are ready to move to a bigger pen. But Glory really needed more room. Not because the pups were moving that much more or that they were ready for the litter box, but because they are growing and there are seven of them!

So I had to improvise.

So I took her big whelping crate apart and laid the halves end-to-end. Now one side houses the big bed for the puppies and the other half has Glory’s food and water and she can escape if she needs some “me time”. I laid a potty pad on that side just in case. But it will be a while before the pups are big enough to crawl over the divider. When they do I’ll add a couple of the UGOdog grates on top of the pads as an intro to a “litter box”.

All cozy in their new puppy pen.

Now they have plenty of room!

Mom seems happy with her new digs.

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  1. MaryC says:

    Due to the current situation and financial issues we need to take our names off the list. Thank you and stay safe.

    Mary C Corrigan

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