Into the kitchen

The Glory puppies got to explore the kitchen. My kitchen is not big, but it looks huge with such little bodies in it. This is the first time they got to play in such a big area. Some of them were a bit apprehensive at first, but it didn’t take long and they were all wiggle-wagglying around the room sniffing, looking at and playing with the various toys. It’s oh so cute to watch them!

Later Aunt Hope came in to say “hello”. Introducing puppies to other friendly adult dogs besides mom is just part of the socializing process. We are very fortunate to have a dog like Hope that loves interacting with our puppies.

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  1. furbabyneeded says:

    Your home always looks so clean, and you are such an amazing puppy mom! How do you get anything done? I would be watching those joyful little 4 legged squiggly babies all the time

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