Scammers abound!

People please be aware that scammers are out in full force! I just got a email from someone that had inquired about getting on my list but was not on the list.

She said today “I” sent her a fb message asking “if she was still interested in a puppy” and to name the “mom dog” and the puppy’s birth date.

This was obviously not me! But someone using my kennel name. I don’t know how they did it. Did they set up a fake account or a fake page? Who knows?? It infuriates me that thieves will do this to scam people out of money and use my name and kennel name.😤

But things like this are happening more and more! Scammers know that people are desperate to find a puppy!

Please if you get any strange messages from a breeder you’ve been working with, double-check with them. Do not send someone money that you aren’t sure about.

This is another reason why the different Cavapoos groups, admins and quality breeders are trying to educate and inform people so they don’t get ripped off!

P.S. If anyone else gets a FB message from “me”, please screen shot it before it’s gone and send it to me!

Stay safe everyone!

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5 Responses to Scammers abound!

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    There must be a special circle in Hell for people like this. So incredibly unfair given how conscientious you are about EVERYTHING!

  2. Jennifer, OMG! This happened to another Cavapoo breeder in Modesto, Cali!! I received an email from her saying she’s forwarding info about a current adopter who needs to give up their Cavapoo because of work. I did call the breeder to ask how well she knew this couple and she told me that she doesn’t know them at all and she never sent me the email but has received a couple of calls about it from former parents. Turns out, the scammer somehow got photos from her website of a puppy and that’s what they used but they never adopted the puppy and never was on her list!! This is sick and disgusting… Thank you soooo very much for your warning, I second it!! Kindly, Patt Hoffen P.S. Thanks for all the adorable photos! Can’t wait for photos in the future of our “Maverick”.

  3. Mickey says:

    So sorry someone would stoop so low! Hope I can get a puppy somehow in the near future……. still hunkered down still in a Florida!

    Mickey Stein


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