The ball pit

I introduced the puppies to the ball pit. They loved it! In fact, they seem to love any new thing I put in their play area. They ran through the “flipping” tic tac toe game. They hopped on and off the wobble board. And they dove in and out of the ball pit, grabbing balls, chasing balls and just having loads of fun!


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10 Responses to The ball pit

  1. Cathy Husen says:

    You’re so fantastic and creative! I can see why your pups are in such demand! Who could ask for a better start in life for their forever friends.


  2. Bill Puryear says:

    Are any of these pups for sale? My wife and I are looking for a female.


  3. Toni says:

    What a joy to see the puppies enjoying their play area, so creative and entertaining.


  4. Wow! They are really growing!

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  5. karen beaver says:

    They really enjoyed the new toys – the video of the ball pit is even better


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