A little bit more

Since three of our puppies are flying home in the cabin of the plane with their new owners I wanted them to get a taste of the small, soft carrier that they’ll be riding home in. So yesterday we had a practice session with those three pups; Michael, Kevin and Phyllis.

I like to give them a special treat while they’re in the carrier to make it more fun and enjoyable so I used a piece of chicken jerky. It was something special that they’d never had before and takes a while to chew it up so it kept them busy as we walked around.

Michael is enjoying the jerky treat

Phyllis’ turn!

She even said hello to the horses.


Kevin met the horses too.

What’s in there, Cajsa?

And then he hung out while I fed the horses. It was a good practice session.


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5 Responses to A little bit more

  1. Once again – I’m so impressed! Can’t wait to be on your waitlist!

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  2. rozkirsch@yahoo.com says:

    Hey Jennifer, my flight has been delayed, so Emmy and I are just hangin at the airport. We’ve already missed our connecting flight to LA. We will leave here approximately 1 1/2 hours late. The are no further flights out of Seattle until tomorrow, so, we will be spending the night in the Seattle airport. What an adventure. PS…Emmy screams in the carry on and has tried to rip it apart. She’s a strong willed girl. Hope you got home OK Sent from my iPhone


  3. Cathy Budman says:

    Dear Jennifer, I just want to thank you again for making this such a wonderful experience for our family. My now adult son Mark was so joyful to pick up “Kevin” today- you made it such an informative and happy experience for us and we appreciate it so much. Our puppy has been given a remarkable start in life and we feel so blessed. Thank you so very much. Cathy


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