Puppy Delivery Day

Yesterday was long and tiring, but oh, so much fun day!

The puppies and I had a late night Saturday night as I trimmed nails, cleaned ears and gave them all baths before tucking them in for the night. Then I finished up the last minute paperwork for their packets and went through the puppy bags once more time (Scruffles!!)

I was up early the next morning so the puppies had a chance to eat some breakfast and let it settle before we hit the windy road out of here. It was an uneventful trip, thankfully and we made it to the airport safely.

And snapped this cool picture on the way to the airport; a field of sunny canola!

The had about fifteen minutes to stretch their legs, go potty and grab a drink or a nibble of some food before our first meeting started.

We’re now meeting outside in the parking lot with two or three families (usually one or two people per family) spread out around my truck where we go over the puppy packets, answer questions and take the first “family” portraits. <3

Jim now Leo

Pam now Zoe

Dwight now Tucker

The next set were for these two guys. But every time I set the puppy bags on my tailgate and started going over things, it started to rain. So we’d gather things up and end up in the Wingate lobby to finish our puppy meeting. Thankfully it was empty and we had room to spread out.

Michael now Tucker (yes, we ended up with two Tuckers! It’s a popular name).

And Kevin, now…..? I don’t remember if he had a new name. (Blame that on five hours of sleep the night before 😛 )

Phyllis was the last to go, but her new owner wasn’t flying in for another hour or so. So we went for a little drive to kill some time until her flight landed. And then it was time to hand Phyllis, now Emmy over.

(I found out later in the day that Emmy and her new grandma (her mom couldn’t come get her so her “grandma” made the trip) ended up with a missed flight and had to stay the night in the Seattle airport! Those poor girls. I haven’t heard the end of their story yet or how the night went )  🙁

And then it was time for me to start heading towards home while making a couple shopping stops along the way. It was about twelve hours (since I stopped to shop) from the time I left home to when I pulled in the driveway. But oh, what a good day!

People often asked if it’s hard for me to let these cutie-pies go after having them for two plus months and watching them grow and develop? But honestly, this is a fun day. Who doesn’t like handing over an adorable, cuddly puppy to a smiling family who’s been waiting for months or even years?

It’s the best part of what I do! <3

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8 Responses to Puppy Delivery Day

  1. Ohhh!!! I will miss watching these puppies adventures and you took such good care! Already looking forward to your next litter! (and the waitlist 😉 )

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  2. rozkirsch@yahoo.com says:

    Hey from LA. Let me finish the saga of our trip home. As it turned out, the flight from Spokane to Seattle, running 1 1/2 late, finally just got canceled. Since it was the last flight of the day out of Spokane, Emmy and I had to spend the night at the Ramada Inn. By the time we got checked in, it was too late to order food delivered from just about anywhere (Covid rules, restaurants can only stay open for pick up and delivery for 8 hours per day), finally I found that the Panda Express was still delivering, so that’s was dinner. After taking Emmy out to do her business, we went to bed. Up again at 5:30 to make our 6:20 boarding with another airline. Emmy has a little breakfast, a little potty time in the grass and off we went. Now remember that I wasn’t planning on spending the night, so after brushing my teeth with the doggie toothbrush that you were kind enough to send in Emmy’s packet, I put on the same clothes that I had worn the day before and off we went. I have to tell you that Emmy is a real trooper. Other than howling in her travel case in the airport, once we got on the plane she was an angel. In fact, she was so good, I figured that since I had payed $125.00 for her to fly in cabin with me, that I would use the two empty seats next to me and let her hang out there. All of the United personnel fell in love with her and came and sat with us and held her. She’s very social and lived everyone. Finally after going through Denver, deplaning, having to take the airport train to another terminal and catching another flight from Denver to LA. Finally got into LA at about 1:30. We had to walk all the way around LAX to get to Delta on the other side of airport, as that is where I left my car the day before. I had one near meltdown when we got to the parking structure where I thought I had left my car, and there was no car. I held it together (barely) and went one parking structure further, and there was my car, right where I had left it. We finally got home around 3:30, disheveled and exhausted. In order to get everything in from my car, I brought Emmy in first, I gave her food and water and put her in her private gated community. I could hear her yelping from two blocks away. She does not like to be caged in, and is very stubborn about it. But everyone in the household loves her, and that’s what matters. Needless to say, after all we’ve gone through together, we have a very tight bond. In fact, while I am eating my dinner and writing this letter she is quietly sleeping under my chair. Jennifer, I can never thank you enough for the wonderful gift of Emmy.

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    • Roz, thank you so much for the update! I was so worried about both of you spending the night in the airport! I’m so glad you found a hotel and everything worked out! So good to meet you. She will settle down. Just don’t in to the complaining 😉

  3. myerxa says:

    You made the day fun and also educational. Thank you for letting us know some tips and for the information and gifts you sent home with us. Zoe is loving her red fox squeaky toy…it is her favorite so far! We so appreciate all the work you do with all of your puppies. You are an excellent breeder and we can tell you love the puppies and the work you do. We are also glad we saw the Baxter & Bella online training site. It has made such a difference and even more so through all the COVID quarantine. We have a puppy school in our home every day and are loving it!

  4. Sally Peters says:

    I loved seeing all of these happy smiling people faces. Pups will be smiling soon. None will be disappointed!! It’s been well over a year since our puppy day. We might be biased, but we loved our day, and we know that there are no pups as special as ours. Jennifer is wonderful and gave so much of herself in helping all of us get started with our new family member.
    Couldn’t be happier!

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