Adventures with Stanley

You might have noticed in yesterday’s post that there were only six puppies with their new families on Sunday. And that’s because Stanley is staying just a bit longer because of his new dad’s work schedule. Ideally, we want all the puppies from a litter going home on puppy delivery day but sometimes we will keep a puppy for a bit longer if we have the time and it works for us.

So in the next week you might be seeing Stanley in some of our posts and pictures as he hangs out with us and continues his training.

And just like his brothers and sisters that went home already, this is an adjustment time for him to as he learns to live (sort of) by himself. Of course, he’s not alone but he doesn’t have any playmates his age anymore. He can visit with Sasha, Cody and Cami but only with a fence in between as they play too rough and are so much bigger.

But he’s joining me for his own adventures, practicing spending time in his pen and his crate and learning each day.

My Stanley hat!

Watching “dad” vacuum.

“Helping” to fill the bird feeder.

Saying hello to Cody and Sasha from the safety of the other side of the fence.

Saying hi to Cajsa (or Cajsa’s nose). She’s so patient with the puppies.

Learning to walk on a leash.

Well, sort of….

It’s going so well. Honestly, despite the tangled mess he made he did good for his first “walk”.

After breakfast and a nap in his crate I went and woke him up.

He was still sleepy and so cuddly. 🥰

Then we went outside for a potty break. “Go potty.”

Good boy!

Then he got to meet Zeus!

Yes, the cat weighs about three times what Stanley does!

Stay tuned for more adventures with Stanley!


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11 Responses to Adventures with Stanley

  1. Didi Dame says:

    Stanley misses his family!Or does he?

  2. myerxa says:

    Thank you for sharing Stanley ~ his sister, Zoe, misses him and I think she may wish for another fur baby to be around. It’s fun to see what you are up to with training him.

  3. Cathy Husen says:

    Thank you for sharing Stanley’s, sweet, story. 💙

  4. karen beaver says:

    looks like he is having a blast and having all kinds of new adventures –

  5. Julie Olson says:

    I have so enjoyed the various puppy posts over the last week or two that I discovered your website. Those beautiful puppies have had such a wonderful start! I recognized the litter box filled with woodchips from our last puppy, a golden who is now 6. I thought it was brilliant and she was nearly trained when we got her.

    Along with the golden retriever we have an elderly cavalier King Charles spaniel who is having a number of age related issues. At 13 we can expect that for and we continue to enjoy her. We have had 6 Cavaliers over the past 24 years and dearly loved each one. It is heartbreaking to lose them too soon from mitral valve disease! That’s why I was interested in your testing protocols, particularly around heart issues.

    I am wondering if you have an age limit on prospective homes for your puppies? My husband and I are in our mid 70’s. We live on a small acreage in Langley BC most of which is fenced for small dog containment. We are in excellent health and my husband still works.


    Julie Olson

    • Julie, All of our adult breeding parent dogs are OFA certified for normal hearts, eyes and patellas. We want to produce the healthiest pups we can. We do not have an age limit on adoptive parents. Our waiting list is currently closed but you are welcome to sign up for email notifications from the blog/website so you don’t miss any news or announcements. Just hit the “FOLLOW” button on the right side of the front page under the puppy album. Thanks!

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