Brand new

For any of you following along in regards to our Aussie/Aussalier journey, you may remember my post back in April about our plans for the future.

(Here’s the post if anyone is interested and missed it.)

As I mentioned in the post, I had originally contacted Oakley’s breeder in my first attempts to add another female Australian Shepherd to the family. I was third on her waiting list (yes, we breeders have to go through the same waiting process as you do) for a blue merle female, but her pregnant mamma dog did not end up having enough female blues for all of us on her list. But she did tell me she had a couple other possibly pregnant moms that would be due later. I was willing to wait.

I was just getting ready to contact her last week to see how things were going when I got an email from her saying she had two brand new blue merle females born and I had first pick!

There were actually two litters, with one girl in each. They were both beautifully marked puppies, one a bit bigger than the other. The were both sired by the same male, so I also looked over the pictures she had of the mother dogs. And finally decided on the bigger one with a bit more black on it.

So this wee baby will be joining the family in a couple months!

 Another fun fact, she is closely related to Oakley!💙

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12 Responses to Brand new

  1. kk75 says:

    What wonderful news! Waiting for news and updates with waiting lists is so suspenseful!…what a wonderful outcome for you! Thank you for your sweet and joyful posts…it really is about the simple things in life. Always following ; )

  2. T&J Vandell says:


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  3. didi dame says:

    oh so adorable! Congratulations !

  4. karen beaver says:

    beautiful pup – can’t wait to see her in a few weeks.

  5. says:

    Hi this Brenda from Calgary

    If you have not named your new puppy I have a suggestion. Since you already have a puppy named Oakley, maybe you could call your new baby Annie. Please keep up the good work you do for so many puppies and families.

    Take care—Brenda from Calgary

  6. says:

    Hi this is Brenda from Calgary and I have a name for you’re your new puppy, if you haven’t named her already. You could name her Annie (from Anne of Green Gables fame). Congratulations on your new baby girl.

    Take care — Brenda

  7. says:


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