Our Puppy Matching Process

I just thought I’d go over our puppy matching process again for all of you that are currently on our waiting list who might not know how it works (and for those who are reading who might be getting on it after we reopen).

Once you get on our waiting list, you are welcome to email me anytime we share that a new litter has been born and the time frame works for you. (Please do not ask to be added to a litter list to be matched with a puppy if the puppy pick-up day does not work for you. We cannot hold  puppies past their delivery day. And most importantly, they need to be home with their new family as soon as they are able to start bonding and learning their family’s routine.)

Let me explain. (And you will understand why it is of utmost importance to sign up for email notifications from the blog so you keep up on all the news here). Whenever we confirm a dog is pregnant we will post something on the blog about who is pregnant, who she was bred to, approximate due date and expected colors. Once the litter is born and we know what we have, we will make an album on the website for that litter. In the album we will post new pictures weekly. Also in the album will be the date that the litter will be matched (around five weeks of age) and the puppy delivery day when the litter goes home (usually between eight to nine weeks of age).

If you are interested in that particular litter, are available for a phone call on the matching day and can meet in Spokane on delivery day, then shoot me an email (please email on the original thread that I sent you when you sent your application in, if at all possible. It’s so much easier if all our conversations are in one place). Please refrain from responding that you are interested on the blog comment section or Facebook messenger. Sorry for being so particular, but like I said, keeping all our conversations in one place is so much easier and saves me time when I’m trying to answer your questions and remember what we’ve talked about.

I will keep a list for each litter (we usually have more than one here at a time). As the pups grow and develop I will update with pictures and when they start moving about, with videos. This keeps everyone a part of the process over the weeks leading up to puppy matching day. (And also another reason why it’s important to follow the blog/website to see each new update and puppy pictures as the litter you are interested in is growing and developing. And also why subscribing to our YouTube channel is so important). We want you to be part of the puppies life from the beginning until it goes home. And also to have an idea (by the pictures, posts and videos) of which puppy you may be interested in before puppy matching day. Please be open-minded about this and pick a couple “favorites” as one may already be picked by the time I get to your name on the list.

Before puppy matching day I will remind everyone on a blog post that the day is approaching (it will usually always be on a Sunday) and post a list of names of everyone that has reached out. You can add your name up until the Saturday night before puppy matching day.

On puppy matching day I will call those people that reached out in order of where they are on the main waiting list. (So those that have been on the list for a long time do not have to worry about someone that just got on, jumping ahead of them in line so to speak). Obviously, those that are higher on the list have a better chance of being matched with a puppy, but you never know what will happen. That’s why I encourage anyone on the list to reach out if they are interested.

From past experience only about one third of the list ever reaches out on any particular litter. So you probably have a better chance then you think.

Once all of the puppies are matched on a puppy matching day, I will send out an email to those I didn’t call to let them know all the pups have been matched.

But please don’t get discouraged if you don’t get matched right way, especially if you just got on our list. Keep trying. You will get the right puppy for you at the right time. It’s a process and everyone has to wait a while. Be patient. It will be worth it!

This process smooths things out for me (from our old process) as I only call people that I know are ready and interested, we get all the puppies matched in one day and everyone that gets matched has plenty of time to prepare to bring their puppy home.

If we have two or more litters within about a weeks time, they will all be matched on the same puppy matching day.

If we have multiple litters growing up at any given time, you are welcome to let me know you are interested in one or all of the litters.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me (pinewoodcavapoos@gmail.com)

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  1. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Very helpful, thank you!

  2. Emily says:

    That’s good to know!! How does it work for wanting to adopt a retired breeding dog?

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