We’re having fun

With Oakley’s litter being so young, Amber’s pups are basically the “only” litter. Okay, I know technically we have two litters. But Oakley’s babies are at the stage where mom does everything. All I do is change their bed, give mom food and water and let her out whenever she needs to potty or have a break. Then I can do ENS with the pups and give them love and kisses.  But that’s about it for the first couple of weeks until their eyes open and they start toddling.

Which means I can spend a lot of time loving on and playing with the older litter. So they’ve been experiencing as much as I can expose them to (in a fun way) of lots of different places, sights and sound. Whether it be playing upstairs in the puppy room using the ramp to get in and out of their puppy pen to the play area or using a different play area where I place them in it. They also “take over” my kitchen at times and they are going outside to potty and play in the garden where they get to meet the big dogs. Hopefully, the cats will come visit one day when they’re outside too. (The cats kind of do their own thing). 😉

Here are some snaps from some kitchen playtime. And then, nap time. 😉



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7 Responses to We’re having fun

  1. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Few things are as peaceful as a sacked out puppy! These are really beautiful pups, thanks for sharing!

  2. Cathy Husen says:

    Little angels!

  3. kk75 says:

    They are the cutest little sweetie pies!!

  4. Well, I’m not always watching when they conk out. Sometimes I walk in the room and find them all snoozing.

  5. Michelle Chiappetta says:

    Please let me get on your waiting list! These puppies are adorable! 🙂

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