Five different states

Yesterday it was time for Raven’s pups and Smudgie’s pup to head off on their first big adventure with their forever families. We had five families from five different states; California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Georgia! And two of those families were coming back for their second Pinewood Cavapoo. <3

But before meeting our first families, the pups needed a break after their long ride.

Little Sparrow is now Lucy.

Lark meeting her new “sisters”. They were so sweet and gentle with her. <3

Lark is now Quinn.

And Miss Wren is also now Lucy! (It’s a popular and cute name).

Robin is now Winston.

And here’s Charity meeting her big brother Louie (formerly Joey from Rosie and Clancy’s “Friends” litter).

Charity is now Penny. And Louie and Penny’s “mom” and I go waaaaay back. Our dads went to high school together and have been friends all these years! So it was like a mini “family” reunion for us.

Happy life, puppies!

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10 Responses to Five different states

  1. kk75 says:

    Wonderful photos…and such lucky, lucky families!!!🥰

  2. Claudia Knauss says:

    Just goes to show that some folks recognize quality and are willing to go the distance to get one of your darlings!!!

  3. Travis F says:

    The tricolor Lucy Eleven is loving the attention of the 5 girls and we are so grateful for such a great breeder who has raised this wonderful pup.

  4. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    What a delight to see the happy forever families! And the fact that they came from far afield is a testament to the love and care you put into your pups. Well done to you! And best wishes to the pups and their new families!

  5. Cathy Husen says:

    Beautiful! They’re all such Doll Babies!!

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