We moms know how when our kiddos were little (or maybe you young moms are going through this now, or grandma when you’re babysitting) how busy, active, noisy and messy children can be! Go, go, go all day long!

There are messes to clean up, squabbles to settle and oh, the noise they can create!

And then it’s finally bedtime and they are snuggled in their beds after a long day soundly sleeping. You tip toe into each room to tuck them in and check on them and they look like little cherubs. So precious. How could Johnny have been so mean to sister today. How could Sally have screamed so loud when Johnny teased her. Look at the sleeping angels! <3

Well, we puppy moms go through similar scenarios during the day when raising puppies.

And then we stop in awe and wonder as we watch the little angels sleeping. And just want to sit and stare at them! <3

There’s nothing more perfect than a sleeping puppy!


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4 Responses to Perfect

  1. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    🥰Thank you for such a lovely, peaceful post. I feel calmer just from looking at the last picture. Truly, “there is nothing more perfect than a sleeping puppy!” Peace and blessings to you.❤️

  2. Cathy Husen says:

    You’re so right!

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