Let’s go outside

The puppies are enjoying the shade under the fir tree to have some outside adventures. And it’s right outside the dining/living rooms so I can peek on them if I’m inside to make sure they’re not getting into any trouble. Cajsa hangs around too.

They’re sure having a blast!

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7 Responses to Let’s go outside

  1. kk75 says:

    How sweet are they!!? I love some of these live action shots! My heart beats 10 times faster when I look at these precious babies : )

  2. karen beaver says:

    They just keep getting more adorable as they grow –

  3. Cathy Husen says:

    Such an awesome setup for them! Beautiful, lucky pups!

  4. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Such fun pictures! I especially love the “flying leap and pounce” shot!

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